LGRP Staff Reinstatement [Closed]

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LGRP Staff Reinstatement [Closed]

Post by Dandi on Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:59 am



   All general requirements from LG:RP Helper Recruitment
   Clean administration record in the past three months
   You must wait three months from the date of your resignation OR reinstatement refusal OR dismissal
   Your former rank won't go back immediately, you have to pass the probation period with certain rank
   Only former LG:RP Management, LG:RP Manager, LG:RP Administrator, and LG:RP Helper are allowed to apply

Reinstatement Stages

   10 January 2017, reinstatement is open!
   Make sure to fulfil all requirements, no exception
   Copy & paste the application format below
   Complete the application, it must be neat and thoroughly filled out
   You are not allowed to neither edit nor reply the application that has already been sent to me
   Send the completed application through PM to username 'Sinatrio'
   There is no deadline for reinstatement, however once you sent the application please allow up to two weeks for a respond
   3 or 4 days after I received your application, we'll decide your application for interview stage
   If you're accepted for interview stage, we'll arrange a time for private interview stage via reply on the application
   After interview stage, once again we'll inform you either accepted or denied from the reinstatement in less than 24 hours

I. Personal Information:

    Name: Answer
    Nickname: Answer
    Date of Birth: Answer
    Address: Answer

II. Previous Staff Information:

    What was your rank before discharged?
    What are the reasons behind your resignation? (Dishounourable discharged? Skip this and answer the third one)
    If you were dishonourable discharged, why did this happen?
    Please submit your Staff Detail link



III. General Reinstatement Questions:

    What are your activities within LG:RP since dismissal?
    What are your motivations for reinstating back?
    What kind of contributions will you give to lG:RP?



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